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Jack3d is perhaps the most popular supplement ever released and definitely a great pre-workout.  Everyone remembers that first time they tried Jack3d and started running through walls.  Well, it's back again!  The Jack3d original formula has had a slight tweak in the ingredients for 2022.  


  • DMHA and Geranium Extract for that Superior Energy and Focus
  • 3 Scoop serving size to Dial in your Dosage.
  • 405mg of Caffeine in full dose 
  • Muscle Pumps and Endurance

 *CURRENT JACK3D 2022 VS ORIGINAL JACK3D FORMULA INGREDIENTS: The 2022 version of Jack3d has all of the same ingredients as the original except: the DMAA has been exchanged for the stimulant DMHA (similar pharmacology to DMAA), also yohimbine and geranium extract have been added to the stimulant blend.


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