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  • SUPPRESSES APPETITE - Lipolyze uses three science-based mechanisms to help you burn fat. The first of these is appetite suppression. LIPOLYZE can help to suppress appetite, keeping you fuller for longer periods of time. This provides the extra edge to eat less and stop binge eating and cheating on your diet.
  • BURNS EXTRA BODYFAT - Lipolyze tricks your cells into burning extra body fat by leaking energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This forces the cells to burn additional fat to compensate for the energy loss. Say if a hole was poked in the gas tank of your car, it would still run fine. But the tank would need to be filled up more frequently. In the same way, Lipolyze causes cells to leak fuel so burning additional fat and synthesizing more ATP is the only way to refill the tank.
  • STRENGTHEN AND REGENERATE THE MITOCHONDRIA - The third way that Lipolyze increases fat burning is by strengthening and regenerating the energy-producing components of the cell, known as the mitochondria. Like a car engine, the more powerful and explosive the engine is, the more fuel it burns. Lipolyze contains two key ingredients that fortify the cells' mitochondria and ensures that they burn fat with optimal efficiency.
  • NON-STIMULANT BASED FAT BURNER - The healthiest way to burn fat is with a non-stimulant-based fat burner. Caffeine and other stimulant-based supplements raise your heart rate and blood pressure while also increasing anxiety. These fat burners also raise cortisol levels, which are catabolic hormones that break down muscle and cause the deposition of visceral and abdominal fat. For these reasons, Lipolyze contains NO stimulants.
  • DIRECTIONS - 1 Lipolyze capsule should be taken 3-5 times daily with meals. For the best results possible, we highly recommend taking this supplement simultaneously with a well designed diet and exercise program. If you're having trouble leaning out and you're looking for a fat burner with real science behind it, Species Nutrition has your answer!