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Kill It Reloaded is now more hardcore than ever! Not many pre-workouts effectively target both energy and the pump. 5% Nutrition took a serious look at the pre-workout category and knew they could improve. Enter the new Legendary Series Kill It Reloaded, their latest formula designed to dominate by delivering the most complete pre on the market, and the ultimate workout experience. Compared to the original Kill It, Kill it Reloaded contains 9 more grams of active ingredients, additional creatine, more caffeine and nootropics!

Boost nitric oxide production to sky-high levels with the Optimized Nitric Oxide Blend. It begins with a huge 3 grams of GlycerSize, the newest King of Glycerol supplements that doesn't clump, absorbs better, and mixes easier. The addition of Nitrosigine (Inositol-Stabilized Arginine) radically boosts blood flow, and thus nutrient delivery and energy. Next, we add in the Stim Blend, with 328mg of jitter-free caffeine from 3 sources for optimal focus and drive. Our triple Creatine Blend provides maximum endurance, improved strength, and increased cell-volume without gastric bloating or discomfort. Beta-Alanine blocks fatigue so you can push through the pain zone and hit those growth reps. Finally, the new Nootropic Blend, with 2X the Choline Bitartrate, delivers the mind-muscle connection so you can Kill It in the gym every time you squeeze through the door.

  •  KILL IT vs. KILL IT [RELOADED] PREWORKOUT: 5% Nutrition took their best-selling pre-workout to the next killer level. With 9 additional grams of active ingredients, more creatine, extra caffeine, and a new nootropic blend, this pre is perfect for serious athletes who want to push themselves to the max.
  • 3 GRAMS of the NEW GLYCERSIZE as part of the NO Endurance Blend featuring Nitrosigine (Arginine), L-Citrulline, L-Taurine, and L-Norvaline. Boost nitric oxide production by inhibiting the NO "shut off valve" and get PUMPED!
  • GET LIT AF WITH 367 MG of STIM BLEND featuring 267 mg Caffeine Anhydrous, 50 mg Caffeine Citrate, and 50 mg DiCaffeine Malate (Infinergy) delivers hyper-focus, intensity and drive. MOTIVATE THAT WEIGHT!
  • 2.5 G CREATINE BLEND + NOOTROPICS: Contains 2.3 g Creatine Anhydrous, 100 mg Creatine Monohydrate, and 100 mg Creatine Pyruvate. Our Nootropic Blend contains 500 mg Choline Bitartrate, 100 mg L-Theanine, and 100 mcg Huperzine A 1%.
  • BEACH BLAST tastes like a hard earned beachside cocktail in the sunshine. Tiny umbrella included. Also available in sweet-tart Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, and Frostbite. 5% Nutrition delivers the industry's most comprehensive formulations, made for elite level performance, with quality, purity.


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