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In the gym, there's no greater feeling than an extreme pump in fully engaged muscles.
An exceptional pump transforms your physique instantly, forcing your muscles to look and feel FAF!
Far more than just a visual benefit, it promotes vascularity by causing a massive increase in blood vessel dilation and flow,
ensuring unrestricted supply of much-needed nutrients and oxygen to your working muscles so you can perform at your best all workout long.

Bodybuilders and athletes search for the most extreme pump enhancing products. 5% delivers the scientifically proven goods, providing fully disclosed, mega doses of nitric oxide and cell volume enhancing ingredients, all designed to ramp up N.O. production and hydrate your muscles for the ultimate pump experience.

Every science backed serving of FAF contains:

  • 4g L-Citrulline: No Citrulline Malate here. While Malic Acid makes up most of the content in other products, our 100% pure L-Citrulline converts to Arginine in the liver, promoting longer lasting, more intense pumps than direct Arginine consumption
  • 2g L-Taurine: conditional EAA that increases blood flow by helping prevent high blood pressure and also hydrates muscles
  • 1g AgmaMax Agmatine Sulfate: extends the effects of Arginine, a pump-inducing supplement
  • 1g glycerol monostearate: increases muscle cell volume with hydration
  • 650mg Dan Shen extract: Chinese medicine powerhouse, dramatically increases blood flow
  • 500mg beetroot powder: contains naturally high levels of nitrates
  • 250mg L-Norvaline: enhances the production of nitric oxide
  • 100mg Hesperidin: heart-healthy flavonoid
  • 5mg BioPerine Black Pepper Extract aids absorption

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